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Smart Mining Control System

Smart Mining

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SMCS “System Management, Centralized Solution”
Smart Mining Software system platform that helps manage the company’s production, logistics, quality control, & sales in an integrated manner.

Smart Mining Industry

SMCS Smart Mining is a proven technology that centralise all mining inventory data across the operations from the mine to the port. Smart Mining has been implemented with fully user-configurable workflows and controlled data collection, enforcing standardized process from pit blocks to stockpiles and ready to sell products. Eliminating different versions of spreadsheets in use across the mining value chain has delivered an efficient, scalable and reliable system with one version of the truth.

SMCS Smart Mining is a software system product that has been developed since early 2010. Developed along with the experience and resources owned, gradually built from desktop based application then switched to a more modern web based application following the times.

Following the best practice rules, Smart Mining is built from the benchmark results of a number of existing Mining Supply Chain solutions in the global market (Australia, Switzerland, India, Canada). But it doesn’t stop there. After more than a decade of experience with projects in a number of countries including Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, & Singapore, Smart Mining solutions are enhanced to be more complete and relevant for the mining industry in the country.

The mining industry has a lot of operational problems that are quite common in terms of handling production to sales. Some of the obstacles include coordination between marketing and operations regarding the availability of cargo according to specifications; spreadsheet reports that are diverse, inaccurate, long to present, and at risk of human error; control of the quality and quantity of cargo from pit to stockpile to port that cannot be traced or not auditable by the system.

Smart Mining is a centralized solution with a “single version of truth” to provide information for operations and management precisely, quickly, and accurately. Encourage coordination between units digitally to increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs through end-to-end cost control.

Smart Mining Adiraja Integrasi

Our Platform Summary


Benefit Smart Mining for Better Business System


Push Digitalize to reduce operational risk for quality control.

Good Corporate Governance

Support good corporate governance for efficient business expansion and digitalization towards the 5.0 era.

Good Revenue

Realization of cash revenue with the ability to get a forecast of sales

Control and Reconciliation

Control and reconciliation of mining services bills and vice versa for all coal/ore getting, waste/overburden removal, equipment/facility rent, etc. services.


Accurate, precise, & fast data, information, and reports. Support audit trail and create transparency for shareholders.

Upscale Business

Improve management coordination & decision making process.